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Lady_ThumbsUpYes, that’s actually how the majority of people use the program. A special advantage with the Military program is that when you order your car, it is built to your wishes provided the options and packages chosen are offered in the specific country’s model program.

All US Military, US Department of Defense employees, and Diplomats who are on assignment, TDY or deployed outside the borders of the United States are eligible to order your new car through our program.

NATO members who are assigned outside of their home country can take advantage of the Volvo Military & Diplomat Sales Program as well.  We can order your new Volvo with the specification required for your home country.

2000px-US-DeptOfTransportation-Seal_svgYes, all US models meet DOT regulations and meet California emission requirements as well.

With the Volvo Military & Diplomat Sales Program, you can order the specification for your home country or the country where you currently reside.  As an example, a US Military member assigned in Germany can order a Volvo with US or European specifications.  The US model can be shipped to the USA with no problems.

Cargo_ShipWith our Volvo Military & Diplomat Sales Program, shipping your car to the USA is easy!  When you purchase your new Capitol Motors Volvo, shipping is included from a European port to a Volvo dealer in the USA for up to five (5) years from the first date of service. There are many drop-off points throughout Europe that can arrange transportation* from the drop-off point to the European port.

If you don’t have time to collect your car in Europe, you may also have your Volvo delivered directly to the USA from the factory.  Contact your Capitol Motors representative for complete information.


jetxee-check-sign-and-cross-sign-3-2400px copyAll new US Spec Volvo Military & Diplomat Sales vehicles come with a 4- year/50,000 mile factory warranty with international coverage. This means that you are covered while driving in Europe and when you move back to the states during this period, your warranty will be transferred with you.

For our European Spec Volvo models, the warranty is 2-years/unlimited mileage.

VCC_Ironmark_2014_25mmOne of the unique features of our Volvo US Military & Diplomat Program is the availability of our Factory Scheduled Maintenance while using your Volvo outside of the USA.  The 3-year / 30,000 mile Factory Scheduled Maintenance Program (FSM) will be honored at any authorized Volvo service center in most European and Asian countries with US Forces as well as the United States. Contact your Capitol Motors representative for complete details.

Federal – Generally speaking, US Military stationed abroad over 140 days, traveling on PCS orders, depending on their status and diplomats who have taken physical possession of their car prior to departure may claim duty-free entry. However, the final decision lies with the US Customs Authority.  If you’re unsure visit the official US Customs Website and navigate to the relevant section.

State/Local Tax – Due to varying tax laws, please contact your state’s DMV for complete information and visit www.dmv.org or www.taxadmin.org for more information.

Your Capitol Motors sales consultant is happy to assist you with selecting your perfect Volvo and handle the necessary order forms. A nominal deposit is required to order which is applied to the balance of payment. Deposits can be made with bank drafts/International money orders, Visa or Mastercard. Please speak with your Capitol Motors representative for details.

If you are on assignment in Europe, your sales consultant can assist you with your trade-in as well.

Assistance with your car loan is one of our specialties. We work with many military credit unions and banks to assist you in securing financing for your car.

Certainly! If you are stationed in Europe, we have a trade in program that makes it simple to trade your present car.

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