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Do you have a passion for developing relationships and providing exceptional guest experiences?  We seek an energetic individual with strong interpersonal skills who will address our clients’ inquiries, actively listen to our clients’ needs/desires, and assist them with the selection of their model of choice.

A Product Specialist’s primary role is to respond to customer inquiries via phone, social media, and email. They work with clients who visit the store directly, arranging test drives, explaining the features and benefits of the various models, caring for the clients’ questions and concerns, and finally assisting with their model selection. Once the selection is made, our Product Specialist handles the car order paperwork and upon the car’s arrival, introduces the customer to his new car.

Candidate Requirements
  • A professional appearance with strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to work well both individually and in a team environment
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and social media platforms
  • A valid and active German driver’s license with a clean driving record
  • Applicants must be authorized to work in Germany
  • Fluency in English (written/spoken) is mandatory
What We Offer:

We know that a successful workplace is an engaged workplace.  For Capitol Motors to be the best, we need to attract, retain, and reward the best. We offer competitive compensation and benefits that include a base salary with commission along with German health, dental and vision insurance.

Friendly – Respectful – Honest

At Capitol Motors, we bring a positive, friendly attitude to every interaction with our clients because buying a car should be an exciting experience, not a stressful one.

Every client is important and we treat them with respect and dignity. Whether they’re shopping for their first car, or their tenth.

Part of redefining the way people buy cars, is transforming how people perceive the entire process. From the initial meeting, model selection, to purchase, to delivery, through our clients’ entire overseas buying process, it’s our job to remove the anxiety from the experience.

We’re proud of what we’re doing here. Come and join us!

Capitol Motors 50 Years Serving Military & Diplomats


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