Ship Your Volvo Home


You have enjoyed your Volvo during your European tour and now it’s time to move back to the USA.

Moving is never easy… thousands of things to do and possibly a very short time to complete the tasks.  With our Volvo Home Shipping Program, you can relax and let Volvo handle your car’s shipment.  As a Volvo VIP customer, within the first five (5) years from the initial delivery, Volvo ships your car from a European port to the US Volvo dealer of your choice at no extra charge.   You need only cover the cost for the inland transport from the European drop-off point to the port.

When you arrive at your next duty station or residence, it’s a great feeling to know that your Volvo is waiting for you at your local dealer.


Before you ship your car, ask yourself these questions…

    • Is my warranty still valid upon my return?

    • How old is my Volvo?

    • How many miles have I driven my Volvo?

If your Volvo is a few years old or if you have explored Europe and have almost or have exhausted your warranty coverage, perhaps you should consider trading your Volvo with us.  We have new Volvo models in stock or we can have a brand new one delivered to the dealer closest to your next duty station or residence.  Don’t forget, your Volvo Loyalty Bonus will save you even more!

If you would like a trade quote, please click here!

Used Volvo XC60

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